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Products and Services


  • Yecco Social platform
    • A private platform to co-ordinate and self manage your health and wellbeing
  • Yecco Pro platform
    • A cloud-based interface that enables organisations to remotely monitor multiple patients
  • State of the art Medical and SMART home solutions
    • Range of SMART telecare and connected home sensors
    • Clinically tested to measure vital signs with accuracy and precision
    • Automatically connects to your iOS or Android device via Bluetooth for a simply and effortless measurement.


Technology Services


  • IT Systems Integration
    • With an open API, Yecco offers system integration with EHR enabling transparency, collaboration and engagement. In doing so, Yecco works in line with UK and international Government targets of achieving integrated health and care records.


  • App Development for Health and Social Care Field
    • Yecco welcome co-creation and takes on commissions for new apps. Please contact for more information.