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Powerful iOS and Android Apps

Yecco Social App

Yecco social network allows consumers, health and care professionals to share realtime medical and device data.  Use it at home, work, care settings, medical and care facilities.

Features include:
• Share medical data with chosen family, friends and clinicians
• The ability for another person to manage your profile
• Create and send group messages and on your timeline
• Keep a check on your health in real time using the Yecco medical devices or  add readings manually
• Add thresholds to alert chosen connections 
• Store personal, medical and medication information
• Built in calendar and reminder support
• Video to stay in contact or to facilitate remote consultations
Download the free Yecco social app from the Apple App Store and Good Play Store. Available for Mobile and Tablet.

Yecco Pro App

Yecco Pro is a licensed cloud-based interface that enables organisations to remotely monitor multiple patients. Yecco Pro gives medical professionals multi patient monitoring with real time data for early intervention. Powerful threshold and notification options assist all professionals to give improved patient outcomes and increased safety.
Features include:
• Receives real time data for early intervention
• Interface for clinician to patient communication
• Set thresholds to assist in disease management and early intervention for improved patient outcomes and safety
• Set alerts / notifications
• Group patients
• Filter and create reports (CSV)
• Video conference calling

This modular platform enables Yecco to add other 3rd party modules or interface to Electronic Patient Record system or data contextualisation platforms that enable intelligent triage and diagnosis across a range of data sources
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Note: All screenshots are accurate at time of publishing. We reserve the right to change the apps appearance and functionality without prior notice.

Yecco Hub App

Licence and Support - contact